A game for all ages with an easier version for younger players and a more difficult one for those who like challenge. Most importantly you can play right now.


What you need.

If you already have Scrabble and some dice in the house - youíre ready to go! Just download the rules and start to play.


Even if you donít have Scrabble you can still play. Download the letters here and cut them out - including the two blanks. If you donít have dice you can download apps for Android or the iOS - and start playing. (Donít forget the rules though!)


Who can play?

The basic game is for up to 4 players but you can play with as many as you like with just a little preparation. (If you want to play with more than 4 people then cut out as many extra letters as you want.)


SCRABBICLE is a word game which borrows ideas from Scrabble© and Lexicon© and combines these with the luck of rolling dice. Itís simple both to learn and play.


The rules allow you to mix and match so that players of all abilities can play together.


A note from the gameís creator Ė Bruce Payne.

Like so many others Iím currently locked down and isolating. It looks like my isolation may last quite a while as Iím not as young as I used to be. So Iíve enjoyed using some of my extra time creating this new freely available game called SCRABBICLE and I hope that you and your family enjoy it too.